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API Production
Our company cooperate with our brother Chongqing Chunrui Medicine Chemical Co.,Ltd for long time and established the production line of CHLORAMPHENICOL together. The production line of the API and intermediates are located in Chongqing and  Shandong Shouguang respectively. The workshop establishment conforms strictly to the requirement by ISO9001 and ISO14001, equipped advanced production facility and have excellent test method . We are the only one producer who produce both intermediates and API of Chloramphenicol in our country, which have established the complete production chain of Chloramphenicol and make sure the supply. 


Formulation Production
A vancomycin powder for injection production line has been established in Shijiazhuang city with the support and cooperation of some large state-owned enterprises such as Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical. It has passed Chinese new GMP (2012version) inspection and also approved by many various countries for GMP compliance audit.
In addition, we have established long-term strategic cooperative partnerships with several well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers. With the assistant of our professional team for GMP audit and drug registration, some of them have been approved qualified by leading company in Europe and many products got registration license from many countries through us. Especially for Artemether antimalarial drug products which has finished the compare dissolution test with Coartem of Novartis and now proceed the WHO pre-qualification program and BE study in India.

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